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People, like many other things in our life, they come an go. Sometimes they leave us, sometimes we leave them. But sometimes they stay.

I guess everyone has that one friend who they have not seen for years but when they meet it feels like they were never apart. They can reconnect within seconds. There is no "ice-breaking chit-chat" shit about things before you jump into real conversations. You just get on with it, no matter how much time passed since your last face to face.

There are situations when you meet someone and you feel like you've known each other for years. There is this organic vibe and you can start calling each other names like old friends. You are excited about the same things, have this common ground right from the start and get along well.

Sometimes it's the other way around - you meet someone, who you would never think you can befriend. And yes, maybe it's a rocky road, but in the end, it seems like you are soul mates. Or mates, full stop. Or maybe this person you think about now was hard to get to know, to befriend. You had to work a little bit harder to get to know them? Maybe you had to prove yourself before you went to grab a beer together? But when you did you knew you can call this person a friend and you can rely on each other. Not only when everything goes well, but also shit hits the fan.

You may ask why I bore you with this, a bit too long, beginning? Well, there are different types of friendships. There are people in your life you call friends but they will be gone by the end of this year, this month, hell, this night. All because we need to learn to invest in our relationships with other people, be caring but do not be afraid to cut them when benefits are not equal. You may think that "yeah I work/train/party with this dude all the time, he is my friend, I will die for him because he is my boy". But does he think the same way about you? Are you sure he will jump into the fire to save you? Is he investing in being your friend as much as you do?

By this point you may think - "well, this is some cold, calculated fucked up shit", but what I learned over the years is the following - when you always give and nothing comes back, then you spend your time with a leech. If all you hear from your "friends" is "can you do me a favor...", "can you do this/that for me..." kind of sentences or they act like you owe them then, something ain't right. And there is nothing wrong with cutting those people off. It may be a bit painful or inconvinient at first but in a long term perspective, you can only benefit from doing that. Because if you hang out with certain people you slowly turn into them. Laziness will become more acceptable, you will develop more of "I don't care" attitude, you will let yourself go and everything will slowly go down to shit.  And the deeper into shit you sink the harder it will be for you to get out. And being neck deep in shit is nothing nice... well, that was a lot of shit right here.

Moving forward. No matter what you think or what people tell you, there are a lot of things in our life that you can control and creating or choosing crowd you hang out with is one of them. If you spend your time with some lazy ass the possibility that you will turn into one is greater because watching Netflix and chugging beers is easier than facing life and what it has to offer. Another thing is if you do nothing you have nothing to talk about because how long can you talk about stuff without experiencing them? Well, not for long... at least I can't.


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