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"The will to live is in us all, but it is the will to live with a purpose that separates the strong from the weak...

The worthy from the worthless... The past from the future... And it is this purpose that fuels the courage needed to fight on even in the face of certain death... For that which does not kill us, simply makes us stronger."

I had some downtime lately - end of the year, some health issues and no job. I am a freelance and it was my choice, so no drama. But it made me think and I came up with a conclusion - apart from a job I have no real purpose. Don't get me wrong, I am in a perfect relationship, I play in a band, train at the gym, have some things to do here and there but no REAL purpose. Nothing I can dive into and push forward, no side project, no creation of my own. I love to train but your body can digest so much lifting before it breaks. I practice new skills, educate myself but I have nothing "material" to work on. And that thought made me feel irrelevant. Made me wonder how many people slide through life like that? Without a higher purpose, without figuring out why they are here, what are their talents, where their life is heading. How many of them woke up one day and looked at their life and couldn't find any bright moment, nothing to be proud of, no adventures to look back? How many of them had a moment of cognition and realized that most of their life is already gone and they did nothing to make it worth living? And it is so easy to become one of those people. We have so many distractions, we always put this thing we have to do for another day, we are always tired after work... and being hidden at home, with a phone in hand, doing nothing, is so easy. So next time when you feel like "I can't be bothered", remember this - “One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” 

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